1969 Junior National Championships – Girdwood, Alaska

The 1969 Junior National Championships were the last Junior National Championships that included all competitive ski disciplines that existed at that time:  cross country, jumping, nordic combined and alpine.  The cross country events took place in the “meadows” to the north and east of the base of the Mount Alyeska alpine area.. The alpine events took place at Mount Alyeska.  Jumping events and the jumping portion of the Nordic Combined events took place at:

At this time the Junior National Championships rotated through the eight divisions of the US Ski Association on an eight-year cycle.  The next Junior Nationals to take place in Alaska would be eight years hence, in Fairbanks in March of 1977.

Key personnel for this competition were:

  • Organizing Committee Chair – 
  • Chief of Competition – 
  • Chief of Course – 
  • Technical Delegate – 
  • Other Competition Committee Personnel – 

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