US Ski and Snowboard Junior National Championships

This page displays a year-by-year summary of US Ski and Snowboard (formerly USSA) Junior National Championships.  There is a separate page for USSS (Senior) National Championships.

For each year’s championships the information displayed is primarily organizational: host community, host organization, competition venue, chief of competition, technical delegate, etc.  For championships where we have results, there will be a link to those results.  For a single year’s championships where we have a lot of content (photos, articles, etc.) we will create a page dedicated to that year’s championships, and a link to that page from this general page.

If you have content that is pertinent to USSS Junior National Championships (results, articles, photos, video, etc.) please submit it or inform us about it and we will do our best to add it to our content.  Keep in mind that this website is a labor of love, and all the work is done on a volunteer basis.

US Junior National Championships, Year-By-Year

Below is a table showing all the information on the history of USSS Junior National Championships.  We know that we are missing some information, and we are pretty certain that some corrections to the information in the table will be needed – we need your help!

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YearHost CommunityStateHost OrganizationCompetition VenueRegionResults
20242024 JN Results
2023FairbanksAKNordic Ski Club of FairbanksBirch Hill Recreation AreaAlaska2023 JN Results
2022Sun Valley-KetchumIDSun Valley Ski Education FoundationLake CreekMtn/West2022 JN Results
2021MinneapolisMNLoppet Nordic FoundationWirth ParkCentral2021 JN Results
2020TruckeeCAAuburn Ski ClubAuburn Ski ClubWest2020 JN Results
2019AnchorageAKNordic Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska2019 JN Results
2018MidwayUTSoldier HollowMountain2018 JN Results
2017Lake PlacidNYOlympic Region Devpmt AuthorityMt. Van HoevenbergEast2017 JN Results
2016CableWITelemarkCentral2016 JN Results
2015TruckeeCAAuburn Ski ClubAuburn Ski ClubWest2015 JN Results
2014StoweVTTrapp Family LodgeEast2014 JN Results
2013FairbanksAKNordic Ski Club of FairbanksBirch Hill Recreation AreaAlaska2013 JN Results
2012MidwayUTSoldier HollowMountain2012 JN Results
2011MinneapolisMNLoppet Nordic FoundationTheodore Wirth ParkCentral2011 JN Results
2010Presque IsleMENordic Heritage CenterEast2010 JN Results
2009TruckeeCAAuburn Ski ClubAuburn Ski ClubWest2009 JN Results
2008AnchorageAKNordic Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska2008 JN Results
2007MidwayUTSoldier HollowMountain2007 JN Results
2006HoughtonMIMichigan Technological UniversityMichigan Tech TrailsCentral2006 JN Results
2005TruckeeCAAuburn Ski ClubAuburn Ski ClubWest2005 JN Results
2004Lake PlacidNYOlympic Region Devpmt AuthorityMt. Van HoevenbergEast2004 JN Results
2003FairbanksAKNordic Ski Club of FairbanksBirch Hill Recreation AreaAlaska2003 JN Results
2002McCallIDPonderosa State ParkWest2002 JN Results
2001MarquetteMISuicide BowlCentral2001 JN Results
2000JacksonNHJackson Ski Touring FoundationEast2000 JN Results
1999AnchorageAKNordic Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska1999 JN Results
1998McCallIDPonderosa State ParkWest1998 JN Results
1997BiwabikMNGiant's RidgeGiant's RidgeCentral1997 JN Results
1996RumfordMEChisholm Ski ClubBlack MountainEast1996 JN Results
1995FairbanksAKNordic Ski Club of FairbanksBirch Hill Recreation AreaAlaska1995 JN Results
1994BendORMount Bachelor Ski Touring CenterWest1994 JN Results
1993BiwabikMNGiant's RidgeGiant's RidgeCentral1993 JN Results
1992RumfordMEChisholm Ski ClubBlack MountainEast1992 JN Results
1991AnchorageAKNordic Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska1991 JN Results
1990Steamboat SpringsCO?West1990 JN Results
1989BiwabikMNGiant's RidgeGiant's RidgeCentral1989 JN Results
1988Lake PlacidNYOlympic Region Devpmt AuthorityMt. Van HoevenbergEast1988 JN Results
1987AnchorageAKNordic Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska1987 JN Results
1986Soda Springs?CARoyal Gorge ResortRoyal Gorge ResortWest1986 JN Results
1985Steamboat SpringsCO?West1985 JN Results
1984Lake PlacidNYOlympic Region Devpmt AuthorityMt. Van HoevenbergEast1984 JN Results
1983IshpemingMISuicide Bowl?Central1983 JN Results
1982Lake PlacidNYMt. Van HoevenbergEast1982 JN Results
1981Steamboat SpringsCO?West1981 JN Results
1980FraserCODevil's Thumb RanchWest1980 JN Results
1979Olympic ValleyCASquaw ValleyWest1979 JN Results
1978JacksonWYJackson Hole Ski ClubTrail Creek TrailsWest1978 JN Results
1977FairbanksAKNordic Ski Club of FairbanksBirch Hill Recreation AreaAlaska1977 JN Results
1976DeadwoodSDTerry Peak?West1976 JN Results
1975IshpemingMISuicide Bowl?Central1975 JN Results
19741974 JN Results
1973McCallID?West1973 JN Results
1972MiddleburyVTMiddlebury CollegeBread Loaf CampusEast1972 JN Results
1971Soda SpringsCAAuburn Ski ClubWest1971 JN Results
1970JacksonWYJackson Hole Ski ClubTrail Creek TrailsWest1970 JN Results
1969GirdwoodAKNordic Ski Club of AnchorageAlyeska ResortAlaska1969 JN Results
1968BozemanMT?West1968 JN Results
1967DuluthMN?Central1967 JN Results
1966Winter ParkCO?West1966 JN Results
1965BendOR?West1965 JN Results

1978 Jackson WY

Hosted by Jackson Hole Ski ClubCross Country Events at Trail Creek Trails in Wilson, WY The 1978 Junior National Championships included cross country, jumping, and nordic combined.  The cross country events took place at the Trail Creek Trails west of town. Jumping...

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2013 Fairbanks

Hosted by Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks atBirch Hill Recreation Area 2013 Marked the fourth time the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks (NSCF) had hosted the Junior Nationals at Birch Hill, after the 1977, 1995 and 2003 editions.  The NSCF had done substantial trail work in...

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1969 Girdwood

The 1969 Junior National Championships were the last Junior National Championships that included all competitive ski disciplines that existed at that time:  cross country, jumping, nordic combined and alpine.  The cross country events took place in the "meadows" to...

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