US National Championships

This page displays a year-by-year summary of US Ski and Snowboard (formerly USSA) National Championships.  There is a separate page for USSS Junior National Championships.

For each year’s championships the information displayed is primarily organizational: host community, host organization, competition venue, chief of competition, technical delegate, etc.  For championships where we have results, there will be a link to those results.  For a single year’s championships where we have a lot of content (photos, articles, etc.) we will create a page dedicated to that year’s championships, and a link to that page from this general page.

If you have content that is pertinent to USSS National Championships (results, articles, photos, video, etc.) please submit it or inform us about it and we will do our best to add it to our content.  Keep in mind that this website is a labor of love, and all the work is done on a volunteer basis.

US Senior National Championships, Year-By-Year

Below is a table showing all the information on the history of USSS Senior National Championships.  We know that we are missing some information, and we are pretty certain that some corrections to the information in the table will be needed – we need your help!

This table is sortable.  Click on the small arrows in the header row to sort.

Links to results are available for the championships for which we have results.  If you have results from championships that we do not have, please scan them to PDF and email them to us with a very descriptive subject line.

YearHost CommunityStateHost OrganizationVenueDivision/ DistrictResults
20232023 SRNC Results
2022MidwayUTSoldier HollowIntermt/Northern2022 SRNC Results
2021HoughtonMIMichigan Tech UniversityMichigan Tech TrailsGreat Lakes2021 SRNC Results
2020HoughtonMIMichigan Tech UniversityMichigan Tech TrailsGreat Lakes2020 SRNC Results
2019CraftsburyVTCraftsbury Ski CenterCraftsbury Ski CenterNew England2019 SRNC Results
2018AnchorageAKNordis Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska2018 SRNC Results
2017MidwayUTSoldier HollowIntermt/Northern2017 SRNC Results
2016HoughtonMIMichigan Tech UniversityMichigan Tech TrailsGreat Lakes2016 SRNC Results
2015HoughtonMIMichigan Tech UniversityMichigan Tech TrailsGreat Lakes2015 SRNC Results
2014MidwayUTSoldier HollowIntermt/Northern2014 SRNC Results
2013MidwayUTSoldier HollowIntermt/Northern2013 SRNC Results
2012Rumford?2012 SRNC Results
2011Rumford?2011 SRNC Results
2010AnchorageAKNordis Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska2010 SRNC Results
2009AnchorageAKNordis Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska2009 SRNC Results
20082008 SRNC Results
20072007 SRNC Results
2006MidwayUTSoldier HollowIntermt/Northern2006 SRNC Results
2005MidwayUTSoldier HollowIntermt/Northern2005 SRNC Results
20042004 SRNC Results
20032003 SRNC Results
2002BozemanMTBridger Ski FoundationIntermt/Northern2002 SRNC Results
20012001 SRNC Results
20002000 SRNC Results
19991999 SRNC Results
19981998 SRNC Results
19971997 SRNC Results
19961996 SRNC Results
19951995 SRNC Results
19941994 SRNC Results
19931993 SRNC Results
19921992 SRNC Results
19911991 SRNC Results
1990AnchorageAKNordic Skiing Association of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska1990 SRNC Results
19891989 SRNC Results
19881988 SRNC Results
19871987 SRNC Results
1986Royal Gorge ResortCARoyal Gorge ResortFar West1986 SRNC Results
19851985 SRNC Results
19841984 SRNC Results
19831983 SRNC Results
1982Bretton WoodsNHBretton Woods Ski Touring CenterEastern1982 SRNC Results
19811981 SRNC Results
1980Mont Ste. AnneQBUSSA1980 SRNC Results
1979Waterville ValleyNH1979 SRNC Results
1978AnchorageAKNordic Ski Club of AnchorageKincaid ParkAlaska1978 SRNC Results
1977Lyndonville/BurkeVT1977 SRNC Results
19761976 SRNC Results
19751975 SRNC Results
19741974 SRNC Results
19731973 SRNC Results
19721972 SRNC Results
19711971 SRNC Results
19701970 SRNC Results
19691969 SRNC Results
19681968 SRNC Results
19671967 SRNC Results
19661966 SRNC Results
19651965 SRNC Results
19641964 SRNC Results
19631963 SRNC Results
19621962 SRNC Results
19611961 SRNC Results
19601960 SRNC Results
19591959 SRNC Results
19581958 SRNC Results
19571957 SRNC Results
19561956 SRNC Results
19551955 SRNC Results
19541954 SRNC Results
19531953 SRNC Results
19521952 SRNC Results
19511951 SRNC Results
19501950 SRNC Results

2019 Craftsbury VT

The 2019 National Championships were held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury, Vermont.  These races were used as selection races for the 2019 World Championships, 2019 U23/Junior World Championships and the 2019 U18 Scandinavian Cup teams.  2019...

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1985 December Giants Ridge, MN

Colder than hell for the 1985 World Cup. Gunde Svan, winner of the frigid 30km free technique race, was quoted saying the race "... not could be colder!" The World Cup season of 1985-1986 was the first year that FIS instituted a two technique schedule, classic and...

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1978 Jackson WY

Hosted by Jackson Hole Ski ClubCross Country Events at Trail Creek Trails in Wilson, WY The 1978 Junior National Championships included cross country, jumping, and nordic combined.  The cross country events took place at the Trail Creek Trails west of town. Jumping...

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2013 Fairbanks

Hosted by Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks atBirch Hill Recreation Area 2013 Marked the fourth time the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks (NSCF) had hosted the Junior Nationals at Birch Hill, after the 1977, 1995 and 2003 editions.  The NSCF had done substantial trail work in...

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1969 Girdwood

The 1969 Junior National Championships were the last Junior National Championships that included all competitive ski disciplines that existed at that time:  cross country, jumping, nordic combined and alpine.  The cross country events took place in the "meadows" to...

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1978 – December – Telemark Wisconsin

The Telemark World Cup races in December 20-21 of 1978 were the first "World Cup" races ever.  Although the field was not particularly deep, some very high level skiers were in attendance.  Alison Owen-Spencer won both the 5Km and the 10Km races, with Sweden's Marie Johansson runner-up in both.  Canada's Shirley Firth filled the final podium spot in the 10Km, while Berit Kvello (later Aunli) of Norway was third in the 5Km.  Among other American skiers in the 5Km, Leslie Bancroft, Pat Engberg, Lindsay Putnam, Ruth Baxter and Judy Rabinowitz finished 8-10-11-12-13.  In the 10Km it was Engberg, Putnam, Bancroft, Rabinowitz and Joanne Musolf in places 5-8-10-11-12.
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1984 – March – Fairbanks Alaska

The men’s World Cup races held in Fairbanks in March 1984 were originally slated to be held at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. Because of a dearth of snow in the East, the races were moved to Fairbanks on short notice, after some semi-furtive negotiations which took place at the 1984 Junior National Championships in Lake Placid, New York. Jim Page, the then Nordic Program Director was looking for a willing host organization and contacted John Estle, then the University of Alaska Fairbanks Ski Coach who was representing the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks and the host community of Fairbanks, Alaska.
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