The 2019 National Championships were held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury, Vermont.  These races were used as selection races for the 2019 World Championships, 2019 U23/Junior World Championships and the 2019 U18 Scandinavian Cup teams.


2019 Craftsbury National Championships Fact Sheet

Year 2019   Dates January 3-8, 2019
Head of Organizing Committee Dave Dreissigacker   Technical Delegate John Estle
Chief of Competition Ollie Burruss   Ass’t Technical Delegate Justin Easter
Ass’t Chief of Competition Judy Geer   USSS Representative Allan Serrano
Chief of Course/Head Groomer Lucas Schultz   Jury Member Fred Bailey
Chief of Stadiium Dave Dreissigacker   Chief of Competition Ollie Burruss
Chief of Secretariat        
Chief of Timing /Results        
Timing Contractor Bullitt Timing      
Other Key Volunteers Bill Henschey      
Men’s Classic Sprint 1 Julien Locke (CAN)   Women’s Classic Sprint 1 Ida Sargent
Jan 4, 2019 2 Ben Saxton   Jan 4, 2019 2 Julia Kern
  3 Logan Hanneman     3 Hannah Halvorsen
Men’s Skate Sprint 1 Ben Saxton   Women’s Skate Sprint 1 Julia Kern
Jan 8, 2019 2 Logan Hanneman   Jan 8, 2019 2 Hannah Halvorsen
  3 Noel Keeffe     3 Kelsey Phinney
Mass FR/Men 30Km 1 David Norris   Mass FR/Women 15Km 1 Caitlin Patterson
Jan 6, 2019 2 Kyle Bratrud   Jan 6, 2019 2 Rosie Frankowski
  3 Scott Patterson     3 Jessica Yeaton (AUS)
Interval CL/Men 15Km 1 Kyle Bratrud   Interval CL/Women 10Km 1 Caitlin Patterson
Jan 3, 2019 2 Adam Martin   Jan 3, 2019 2 Jessica Yeaton (AUS)
  3 Kris Freeman     3 Kaitlynn Miller

CLICK HERE to view a PDF file with complete results from the 2019 National Championships in Craftsbury, VT. (NOTE: file is approximately 30 Megabytes)

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